Saturday, 10 October 2015

Most Popular Halloween Animatronics of 2016

Decorating for Halloween used to mean carving a pumpkin. Some people might go step further and stuff and old pair of pants and a shirt with newspaper or straw to make a scarecrow. Other people might put out some bales of hay or a bundle of corn stalks. There wasn't much other choice beyond these traditional Halloween decorations. Today, that has all changed. The modern Halloween aficionado has a frightening amount of choices when it comes to decorating. One of the best of these choices are Halloween animatronics.

What are Halloween animatronics? Well, the word animatronics describes any figure that uses mechanics to simulate some kind of lifelike movement. So, Halloween animatronics  are simply Halloween themed figures that move. Think moving mummies, zombies or witches that move and you've got the right idea.

So maybe you're thinking "What's the big deal?". The big deal is that when it comes to Halloween decorating, animatronics are huge! More and more people are using these moving figures to spice up their house and parties during the Halloween season. You have to see one of these figures in action to really appreciate the creepy effect.

One of the biggest uses of Halloween animatronics is in outdoor decorating. Sure you could decorate your front yard with a bunch of static, old hat, Halloween stuff. Yawn. Now imagine you yard filled with a gaggle of scary witches stirring a smoking cauldron. How about a decrepit mummy emerging from an old tomb? Now picture a horde of flesh eating zombies hiding behind some bushes. You're starting to see the potential, right?

There are Halloween animatronics for indoor use. as well. They are the same as the outdoor decoration only scaled down for inside fun. Think about those witches or that mummy I mentioned a moment ago, only now they are the centerpiece for a table of goodies at your next Halloween party. I think you'll agree that inside or out, Halloween animatronics are a smart decorating choice this All Hallows Eve.

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