Monday, 12 October 2015

Some Couple Halloween Costumes Idea For 2016

Some of the best costumes at any given Halloween party are a couple wearing similarly themed costumes. These couple Halloween costumes work so well because so many funny, creative costume ideas lend themselves to two people. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Many of our most popular cultural references are built around a couple. Therefore, when a couple work together to build costumes around one of these references, the results are always spectacular. Are you one half of a couple? Well, grab your better half and start thinking about couple Halloween costumes.

 Contrary to popular belief, couple Halloween costumes are no more work than a traditional solo costume. In fact in many ways, they are easier. This is because the visual concept is already there for the taking. Think about the first couple that comes to mind. Was it Kanye and Kim? Homer and Marge? Ron and Hermione? It doesn't really matter who you thought of. The point is that any famous duo is immediately identifiable. This means that most couple Halloween costumes are immediately identifiable as well. You see the couple in your mind, you put together what you see and other people see it too. With couple Halloween costumes, there's never any chance of encountering that awkward "What are you supposed to be?" question.

When thinking about costumes for couples, don't limit yourself to only humans, fictional or otherwise. There are many other funny concepts that lend themselves to you and your partner. Think inanimate objects for a start. Ham and eggs? Sure, why not. Tumbling dice? Yup. The sun and the moon? Yes, of course? There really is no limit to the costume ideas you can come up with once you open yourself up to the idea of two. So, why not double you fun this Halloween? Try out couple Halloween costumes.

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