Monday, 12 October 2015

Some of the Best Funny Halloween Costumes 2016

Halloween is all about fun and so are funny Halloween costumes. What's more fun than dressing up, going to a party and pretending to be someone else for a night? Sure, a lot of this dressing up is about being scary and terrifying. That's a part of the Halloween tradition. But there's another part of that tradition that sometimes gets forgotten and that's the funny side. Sure, Halloween is all about tricks, but it's also about the treats. Funny Halloween costumes are a great way to celebrate the sweeter side of Halloween. 

 When it comes to funny Halloween costumes, the first thing to think about is fun! After all, you're dressing up in costume so that others can see you. So, keep in mind that you're trying to make them laugh. Think of a clever phrase, something or someone that's been in the news, and you're already halfway there. The idea is that your costume brings that Halloween spirit of fun to life.

It's important to remember that any Halloween costume needs to be comfortable and safe. When coming up with concepts for funny Halloween costumes keep this in mind. Also remember that comfort and safety not only applies to you, it applies to those around you, as well. Are those sharp points, makeup or costume size good for you and good for your fellow party-goers? When in doubt, err on the side of caution. Funny Halloween costumes are not funny when they injure you or someone else. Like they say, it's all a good time until someone gets hurt.

Funny Halloween costumes don't have to be homemade either. Many professional costume retailers carry a wide assortment of funny, topical costumes for your Halloween enjoyment. Do yourself a favor and see what's available online before you commit to  all the work of putting together a costume yourself. You'll be glad you did.

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